Friday, 19 September 2014


“Entah harus dibilang apa baiknya musik mereka ini, yang pasti mereka menyelamatkan telinga saya dari bebunyian pop melayu. Vague!” – Roi Radio

“Inadequate”, the song is another step up for a band that has grown increasingly confident with each of its releases. ” – The Jakarta Globe

At long last, the most anticipated debut full album from the Jakarta-based indie rock trio Vague has finally available on CD for the first time!
Vague, one of the hardest working bands to emerge from the underground has been known for their powerful performance through extensive tours and constant gigs around the city. Anyone fortunate enough to have lived through their live performances will attest to the band’s unparalleled standard of ferocity. Yet in their debut album Footsteps the band delivers nine songs full of disenchantment and unanswered questions about the value of life.

Many have compared them with post-hardcore juggernauts such as Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr or even Mineral, but Vague, despite taking all the influence from the aforementioned, have developed their own unique sounds to deliver emotions without being trapped in today’s whiny teenage drama. Their lyrics have developed into something far more contemplative to seek the true essence of existence.

CD features 8-panel thick digipak with 24-page lyric booklet in very limited quantities.
Price 55k
Distros & Wholesalers are welcome!
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Available soon at these following distros/resellers
-         Grieve Records
-         Warung Musik
-         Omuniuum
-         Lawless
-         Hitam Kelam Merch
-         Alpha Omega Merch
Other distros will be updated on weekly basis

Sunday, 25 May 2014


Reissue of legendary debut album from heavyweight champion KOMUNAL now on high quality vinyl to mark the 10th anniversary. Remastered and sonically enhanced by BRAD BOATRIGHT (Sleep, High on Fire, Sunn 0))) at AUDIOSIEGE SONIC ENGINEERING in Portland, Oregon for maximum sonic devastation.
Originally released on limited sold-out cassette in 2004 through now-defunct Hamson Killer records, Panorama became monumental masterpiece years in the making that gains respect and national recognition like none other.
Once again, these barbaric troops from swamp are ready to seize the throne and reign supreme!
Featuring revamped artwork on wide-spine heavy duty single pocket sleeve with insert limited to 100 copies on lifeless black wax and mastered at 45 rpm for maximum result.
Exclusive Test Press edition of 25 copies are SOLD OUT.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


So we have shed the lights on what will be available on Record Store Day 2014. Please read this carefully.

KOMUNAL – PANORAMA wooden box set test press edition will be available at the RSD Duty Free Kemang on April 19. Five (5) copies will be available at the venue. While the rest of the test press and regular edition will be available by pre-order on the same day.

We have teamed up with Doom Wood to release bandung-based one-man doom/drone unit DEATHLESS 2x Cassette box set of its debut EP Ars Longa Vita Brevis and Litteraetantri. Limited to 100 copies in special package. Details TBA. 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A little update from us, and a preparation for the Record Store Day 2014

We have been through a great moment a while back. We have sold out of Rabu – Renjana and Matiasu – Doom Dance tapes in less than 24 hours, which is amazing for a little label like this. You guys are sick! Thanks for the support

There are several projects ahead, including Matiasu – Doom Dance CD version which is currently on progress.

We also working on debut album from Jakarta-based indie rockers Vague entitled Footsteps, which will be available on CD around May-June. The band is currently in the mastering process.

Then as for the Record Store Day 2014, we have two releases that will be made available on April 19. First we have limited Komunal – Panorama Test Press edition limited to undisclose quantity and a secret cassette box set.

Stay tuned.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Wicked Suffer SEA Tour 2014

Wicked Suffer is currently on the road for their second SEA Tour 2014 starting on January 10. They expected to hit Jakarta as the final frontier on January 20. Destroy!

Matiasu Doom Dance EP (re-recorded and re-mastered) soon on cassette

Matiasu is currently in the studio to re-record their Doom Dance EP planned to be released on cassette. More details soon.